the “awww” effect of kitties & cats

i never used to be a cat person. really. i hated them. i cringed when someone said they had a cat. then one year not too long ago, i had mice in my house. i hated them even more, and everything i tried to do to get rid of them was not working. they were crazy devils even eating the wax out of my candles! i was at a loss; until one day i came home from work and a couple of the neighbor kids were hanging out in the abandoned lot across the street from our houses playing with these tiny tiny kitties. they were so small i could almost fit two in the palm of my hand. one of the kids told me to take one. i said “nooooo” i don’t want a cat. but the more i thought about it, i realized this could be the solution to my mouse problem. so about a week went by and i decided to take one home. at that point there were only two left, but the other one had run off, so i took in the last visible one….i couldn’t have been happier. my little wiley cat has grown up, kept away the mice and i love him so so much that back in nov i rescued another street cat-danger puss. ha. now i kind of love all things kitty and cat!

here’s sir wiley cat, danger puss and some random too cute for words pics of cats.


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2 Responses to the “awww” effect of kitties & cats

  1. sgiansante says:

    Happy to see you got rid of that mouse problem! I never really hated cats, I just never was around any. We had dogs, big dogs! Now, I have three cats. It’s hard not to take in a second one after you get your first, huh? So glad they changed your mind.

    • crowincrown says:

      i know! i struggle not to bring home all the cuties i see on the street. there are tons! of strays in my neighborhood. i did have a little scare with my 2nd one tho when i first brought him to the vet they found traces of feline leukemia; but, when i took him back two months later, he was free and clear and was able to stop living separated from my other cat in the basement! i always had dogs my whole life too. i used to have two but one passed. that was another reason i got my first cat; my other dog had never lived all alone, so wiley was a means to kill two birds with one stone-mice and buddy. ha. i find myself going to thrift stores and pretty much anywhere and wanting to buy all things with kitties on them!!

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