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pigs and tattoos

who knew there was anyone interested in tattooing on pigs?! well, Wim Delvoye is. he tattoos his pigs in china (due to laws and regulation here in the states). the pigs are saved from the slaughter house and sedated while … Continue reading

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the “awww” effect of kitties & cats

i never used to be a cat person. really. i hated them. i cringed when someone said they had a cat. then one year not too long ago, i had mice in my house. i hated them even more, and … Continue reading

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lets get physical

finally made it back to the gym today after an almost two week hiatus. i don’t think the “yoga” i did at home really counted and it felt oh so good to be back. i’m sure i’ll be singing another … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Chuck!

today marks the 71st birthday of the one and only Chuck Norris! from his 8 year run on walker texas ranger to becoming the only man ever in the western hemisphere to be awarded an 8th degree black belt to … Continue reading

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smoochy vs. rainbow vs. betsey

just watched awesome dark comedy Death to Smoochy again. i love the clash of the morals amongst main characters smoochy and rainbow randolph (played by edward norton and robin williams respectively); but of course in the end…well, i won’t spoil … Continue reading

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Covered: march 21 years back


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more than a past time

bowling is an odd sport. it’s something that most people do just for fun every once in a while, while others take it VERY seriously…….and then there’s us. my current team of “just for fun” league play is called the … Continue reading

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now THIS is rock!……(not)

is it just me or is this probably the worst song (and video) ever created? i mean, i can’t tell; is this a joke? (mature content) xox

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