Sophie Calle asked writer and filmmaker Paul Auster to “invent a fictive character which I would attempt to resemble”[9] and served as the model for the character Maria in Auster’s novel Leviathan (1992). This mingling of fact and fiction so intrigued Calle that she created the works of art created by the fictional character, which included a series of color-coordinated meals.


I will be posting an influential artist and their work frequently.  These masterminds have been pivotal to me in my journey of life as an artist.  They, and their works, forever haunt my heart and mind .. in the best ways ever.

I am by no means a writer .. unless it’s in my diary.. so the information or description of artists will most likely not be my own.. (whether they are from books, wikipedia, press releases …etc)   …Just saying.   😉

Hope you enjoy a look into artists that inspire me. ….. xx …. amber lynn


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