pigs and tattoos

who knew there was anyone interested in tattooing on pigs?! well, Wim Delvoye is. he tattoos his pigs in china (due to laws and regulation here in the states). the pigs are saved from the slaughter house and sedated while being tattooed and get to live out full lives. when the pigs eventually die, they are either stuffed and mounted or the skin is stretched like canvas to preserve the art.

i ran across this article while trolling around on tumblr. it’s so crazy and weird and very controversial (of course, it’s by vice magazine). two of my favorite things are rolled into one, but i mean, i’d rather have the tattoos on myself and be eating the pork; to each their own i guess. i love pork and i love tattoos; but still, i have mixed feelings about this.

read full article: part 1 and part 2

i’m not one to get into big political/ethical debates over things. i just read things and find them interesting enuf to share. again, to each their own, and based off the reactions & comments in the article their is a lot ofyour own [feelings]. feel free to post those feelings to the original contributor.


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brand new love

this song used to be on the playlist for the wet seal store i used to work at in the early 2000’s! i ran across it while cleaning out my cd’s. ha. ahhh the memories.

deadsy: brand new love

i’m not goth, i swear. lol.

sebadoah also does a version of this song, but for some reason, i’m partial to the deadsy one.

what to you think?


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pink, the pastel kind

a highlight of color one at a time


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coming along…

cleaned, steamed and hung. shooting next weekend!! coming up for sale soon! yay!


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…and we all fall down


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birds of a feather


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accessory: death

can someone find me or make me this coffin ring?! i love love love it!!


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the great elizabeth…

…the queen of hollywood.

i’m sure by now everyone knows, and is saddened by the news, that elizabeth taylor passed away this morning due to complications with congestive heart failure at the age of 79. blog upon blog is speaking out on her greatness, her legacy, her beauty; and while i don’t think i could say anything in any better words than others, i do have my own memories of this iconic and legendary actress, mother and activist.

one of the fist movies i ever watched over and over as a child was national velvet. i had received it on vhs as a christmas present from “santa” in my stocking. i think i watched that movie so many times it stopped working. and when i watched cleopatra, i just wanted to be her. i even dressed as her for halloween the year i had first seen it.

whatever your own memories or influences by her; her grace, her poise, her unearthly beauty will live on. our love goes out to family and friends and all those close to her.


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monster with a heart

i just watched mary shelley’s frankenstein the other night; the one with robert de niro, helena bonham carter and  kenneth branagh. i enjoyed the newer adaptation of frankenstein’s monster. he wasn’t the boxy headed, neck plugged giant usually portrayed; he was a patchwork quilt of skin not so neatly sewn together, but somehow you still end up feeling for this hideous vision of a “human”. this story was originally written well over 100 years ago and has remained so pertinent even in modern day science and experimental controversy…how far is too far and when should we leave life alone as it was intended; to live and to die.

mary shelley – author

boris karloff – portrayed frankenstein’s monster in the 1931 adaptation

robert de niro – frankenstein’s monster in the 1994 version


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smile on

i keep waking up with this song (generator 2nd floor) in my head. i’ve been listening to freelance whales kind of a lot lately. it’s just cute sing-a-long kind of music that makes me want to be outside in the middle of a bright sunny park and spin around in circles with my arms out laughing and smiling even tho lyrically it’s not always the most upbeat of topics. i still like it 🙂


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