pigs and tattoos

who knew there was anyone interested in tattooing on pigs?! well, Wim Delvoye is. he tattoos his pigs in china (due to laws and regulation here in the states). the pigs are saved from the slaughter house and sedated while being tattooed and get to live out full lives. when the pigs eventually die, they are either stuffed and mounted or the skin is stretched like canvas to preserve the art.

i ran across this article while trolling around on tumblr. it’s so crazy and weird and very controversial (of course, it’s by vice magazine). two of my favorite things are rolled into one, but i mean, i’d rather have the tattoos on myself and be eating the pork; to each their own i guess. i love pork and i love tattoos; but still, i have mixed feelings about this.

read full article: part 1 and part 2

i’m not one to get into big political/ethical debates over things. i just read things and find them interesting enuf to share. again, to each their own, and based off the reactions & comments in the article their is a lot ofyour own [feelings]. feel free to post those feelings to the original contributor.


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