monster with a heart

i just watched mary shelley’s frankenstein the other night; the one with robert de niro, helena bonham carter and  kenneth branagh. i enjoyed the newer adaptation of frankenstein’s monster. he wasn’t the boxy headed, neck plugged giant usually portrayed; he was a patchwork quilt of skin not so neatly sewn together, but somehow you still end up feeling for this hideous vision of a “human”. this story was originally written well over 100 years ago and has remained so pertinent even in modern day science and experimental controversy…how far is too far and when should we leave life alone as it was intended; to live and to die.

mary shelley – author

boris karloff – portrayed frankenstein’s monster in the 1931 adaptation

robert de niro – frankenstein’s monster in the 1994 version


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1 Response to monster with a heart

  1. PETER KERNZ says:

    Sorry I guess no one agrees. At least I”ve never seen it mentioned, but Deniro’s make-up job
    is simply absurd. i have never seen a photograph without laughter overtaking me; a howler.

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