i remember as a kid, my family had a ‘special’ friend named johnathan that pretty much only contacted us when there was something going on in the sky, such as meteor showers,  a star that was supposed to burn out or the space shuttle was visible. my family would all pack into our plymouth voyager and go out to my grandma’s farm or some other part of town where the sky was darkest and try to see said event. sometimes we’d all just go lay out on the trampoline in the back yard and stare into the  sky excitedly pointing out shooting stars. i remember being so excited to try to see all these “cosmic wonders”, so tonite i thought i would give trying to see the ‘supermoon’ a shot.

the night sky is dark, well as dark as it will be against the glow of city lights, but it is definitely dark; and the radiance of tonite’s moon is pretty bright. i tried to climb out my back window of the 2nd floor of my house to stand on the roof outside and see the phenomenon of the ‘supermoon’, but thru the trees and aforementioned city lights, it really only looks a little bigger and brighter than i ever remembered it on a full moon. but, in any case, i’m glad i made my attempt to witness this bit of astrological history.

Photograph Anthony Ayiomamitis.

in case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of this supermoon, here’s a story from national geographic with the details.



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