“Guy Bourdin was one of the photographers who defined the decade of the 70’s, yet few of us are aware that his long and prolific career began many years earlier.  Bourdin’s oeuvre is intimately associated with the magazine page.  In very few cases were his pictures published or exhibited outside of the transient medium.  And so it was that in the pages of Vogue Paris, and in the revolutionary advertising campaigns for Charles Jourdan, he found the freedom to explore and refine his vision over an extended period of time”. —-Samuel Bourdin (Son of Guy Bourdin)

Below are a few of my favorites… xox .. amber lynn

Photograph | Guy Bourdin | Vogue Paris, June 1979

Photograph | Guy Bourdin | Pentax Calendar 1980

Photograph | Guy Bourdin {personal archives}

{left} Photograph | Guy Bourdin | Charles Jourdan Autumn 1970 {right} Charles Jourdan Spring 1979

“BEAUTY will be CONVULSIVE, or it will NOT BE at ALL” — Andre Breton

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