a new day, another blog

hello world,

since this is the first post to our new blog and venture, i suppose i should introduce myself with a little thing i like to call “the self interview”.

me: so how are you?

tai: i’m good, just got back from the gym.

me: really? how’s that ‘working out’ for you? (haha, pun intended)

tai: well, it was a really good workout……but it was followed by a trip thru the dunkin donuts drive thru for a blueberry coffee and half a heart shaped donut. (i shared it with my bestie amber lynn)

me: i mean, at least you try. that counts for something, right? so what brings you to the world of blogging?

tai: i’m not even really sure. i’ve always liked writing and i really like things, and my friend and i decided we should give it a go and try to share with the world my eclectic tastes for music, fashion, home decor, art and pretty much anything i can think of. i love vintage and creating new things out of vintage or used goods, and i think that is what really spurred this whole thing.

me: that’s pretty cool. so you are a creative type?

tai: yeah, i like to think so. when i was younger i think i rearranged my bedroom at least once a week. it drove my mom crazy cuz i had a lot of big old victorian furniture that i would drag around on our hardwood floors. whoops! sorry mom!

me: and didn’t you have a mannequin in your room that you would dress up in different outfits all the time?

tai: yes. my dad had this old mannequin he got from an auction when i was a baby and i adopted her. my parents had kept a lot of their clothes from the 60’s/70’s and i would always put her in a new outfit and use different wigs on her continuously creating new looks. i think i did that stuff more than my homework!

me: it sounds like you have an inspiring family and friends and a real motivation and passion for all the arts.

tai: i do. i don’t think that i will always be the on the cutting edge of things; i just do this stuff for fun, but i have a perspective all my own, and i just want to share it. amber lynn will be joining me throughout this blog and guest writing (a lot), so i hope it keeps our readers interested, inspired, and hyped!

me: sounds great! can’t wait for the party to start!!

—and that’s a wrap!

daisies for crow in crown


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